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Sharm El Sheikh: dancing in the desert, diving and learning to make terms…

Автор: 18.09.2021 | Egypt
The coast of the red sea is decorated by the resort city Sharm El Sheikh that is translated in a sophisticated manner as ‘sheikh’s bay’. Surrounded by Sinaic Mountains, it is reliably covered being protected from the winds and foul weather. As well, it saves the cozy climate for travels all the year…

Attending this resort, the connoisseurs of beach rest again and again chose it for the forthcoming rest. The options of hotels will suit any taste, the service is magnificent, the location is located close to the airport, yet it forms the special cultural coloration. All the aforementioned makes an ideal puzzle to put the flag at the travel map again at the city Sharm El Sheikh.Kamele-am-Strand-iStock-155374137.jpgPhoto

However, sometimes, lazing in the warm sun and learning by heart the melody of turquoise ground swell, one wants more active entertainment and bright impressions. The most interesting resort of Sinaic peninsula has something to give fun to their guests. We prepared for you several variants what to do when it seems that passive rest is not enough, however, one does not want to go at the long trip over hundreds of kilometers. So, one can do the following actions.

Dip in the underwater kingdom

Sharm El Sheikh and diving have almost become the words-synonyms. Apart from its ground beauty the location is famous with the underwater panoramas of Red Sea. If one goes to this part of Egypt and does not take mask and snorkel, he may get rid of the half of emotions received from the pursuit. It means that one can stay amazed because of colorful corals and different submarine inhabitants at each meter of nearshore square.

For especially fond and professional lovers of swimming with aqualungs there are some districts among which there is a reservation Ras Mohammed and island Tiran. Immersing there, one feels himself as the enlarged version of the most beautiful aquarium. Here one may see blanket fishes, turtles, and barracuda as well as smaller yet bright sea citizens and, certainly, look at the reefs in details.Coral-and-fish-in-the-Red-Sea-Egypt.jpgPhoto

One may order the underwater walk in any hotel where the representatives of diving-centers work. The cost differs dramatically and varies depending on the number of immersions, locations, number of participants of the group; however, in average it starts from 30-40 dollars.

Make terms at Old Market

Honestly, this market cannot be considered as old because of its actual age, even though it is situated in one of the historical parts of the city being mainly archaicized. It is possible to purchase here everything. The language barrier between the customers and clients is simply blurred, and each person among the owners of the small shops speaks Russian, almost proficient English and also keep in stock several languages on the basic levels as Egyptians, generally, are unique polyglots.

It is not only necessary but also crucially important to make terms at the market. Those who cannot do it are in the risk to spend, at least, four-five times more money than it could be. ‘Dramatic’ costs at the beginning of price negotiations and adequate ones at the end represent the bag of the local customers. For instance, one does not, definitely, need 100 grams of Karcade tea (yet the most selected one) for five dollars when it is easy to agree for the 300 grams for 1.2-2 dollars. It is a good idea to take here species and teas, fruits, aromatic oil as well as hookahs. Concerning the latest, along with the tobacco, coal, and other components it will cost for 15-20 dollars for one item while for the same good in Ukraine needs to blow nearly one hundred dollars.Arabic-Spices-at-the-market-Souk-Madinat-Jumeirah-in-Dubai-UAE-shutterstock_361655018-2.jpgPhoto

Besides that, the walking along the old city, except for the purchase and souvenirs will add the impressions in the money-box of the travelers. The phrase ’one does not know where to look first’ could here be implemented not only for the eyes. The sense of smell and aural modality are also bombed with the great deals of the things. The atmosphere of noisy Eastern market penetrated with the flavor of spicery and aromatic oils is dubbed by the phrases in different languages and Eastern melodies heard from each second shop. This background is maintained with the visual perception of different bright goods and will, definitely, get embedded into memory for a long time.

One can get to the Old Market by taxi ordering it within the territory of the hotel or near hotel area. The cost of a round trip depending on the distance from hotel or, again, your ability to agree about the price, and it will cost nearly 10-20 dollars.

Dance in one of the best clubs of resort ‘LA DOLCE VITA’

Even for those who are not keen on the nightlife activity, there will be a motivation to attend the club ‘La Dolce Vita’. It is situated in the desert under the open sky and the verily sense that you dance not in the insular space but under the stars over the head and being surrounded with the sand fills from the side a bit breaks the pattern of understanding of the night club in the classic meaning. The place gained a huge popularity among those having rest, and it has one more reason, particularly, in ‘La Dolce Vita’ the worldwide known DJs play sets and also there are performances of famous Ukrainian celebrities, among whom there have already been Svetlana Loboda, Ivan Dorn, and band ‘Hot Chocolate’.

It is possible to get to the location from hotels if the transfer is included or go by taxi.

Walk along SOHO Square

Located not far away from the airport, Soho Square is not walking promenade but the huge trading and entertaining center. It is not compulsory to think in advance what should be found here because only appearing in this district, the tourists face the huge choice of the interesting activity.soho-square-dancing-fontana-show-entertainment-night-life-things-to-do-sharm-el-sheikh.jpgPhoto

Soho is absolutely different from Old Market as Soho is likely to be a green area along with the entertaining places, pubs, restaurants, sights of amusement, shops, cinemas, and other components of the best shopping malls. Along the entire street there are funny bronze figures of animals and characters from the fairy-tales with which children love taking photos. If one goes there after the damn, one may become the spectator of a magnificent show of fountains dancing under the Eastern melodies or appear at the concert of some of the local or even foreign celebrities that are arranged here quite frequently.

Try the gifts of sea and nature

One just cannot stay hungry in Egypt. You have to eat regardless of the fact if you love eating or dislike that. Only going outside the areas of hotels, you will almost immediately encounter the achievement-oriented restaurants and cafes. Their number at Old Market and the district of Soho does not give another variant apart from going and tasting. Traditional Egyptian, Italian, Japanese, Thai, and French cuisines are concentrated into a lot of places which could be easily found in Sharm El Sheikh. However, the feature that unites them is fresh prepared sea products given in each restaurant. Near many places there are special boxes with ice where the new ‘take’ is saved, and guest upon desire may choose which fish, crab, or calamar should be prepared for

Apart from the gifts of the sea we advise to take the gifts of trees. Guava and mango are not considered as the exotic fruits for the modern travelers, however, they open new gradation of fruits, saying precisely – right ones. Unusually rich, sufficiently sweet and crazily flavored, they are bought in kilos and travelers try to take this delicious particle of tincture at home.

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