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Mentality bank. Egyptians

Автор: 23.08.2019 | Egypt, MENTALITY BANK
Egyptians form an opinion about the person exactly after the greeting which, in general represents hand-shaking. However, one should remember that it should obviously be bone-crushing otherwise it could be estimated as the reflection of the lack of sincerity… Thus, exchange greetings and continue getting familiar with the peculiarities of the mindset of this nation!

While socializing with Egyptian man you will not have a language barrier. Almost all the citizens of the country know at least two-three languages. It is not surprising because it plays the important role during trading.

If you do not know what to speak about with the local citizens, start the conversation, for instance, about football. It is the favorite kind of sports in Egypt. The most popular clubs are Ahli and Zamalek. One may almost all the day and night long watch the games which are broadcast on the screens of TV-sets in any restaurants, souvenir shops or cafes. Egypt-Camels-Pyramids-Travel-2019.jpgPhoto

The expression ‘Egyptian time’ became a proverb outside the territory of this state. The accuracy is not the best trait of Egyptians as it is absolutely devoid of this nation. Especially it touches the business meetings. It is considered as mauvais ton to come in time here. So, making an appointment one has to keep some patience.

Coming to the house of the local citizen, one should compulsory take with themselves something to eat. The traditional favorite beverage is Karcade tea. The receipt is simple, particularly dried leaflets of hibiscus are put into the cold water and brought to the boil. Afterwards, the sugar is added and the tea is given in a hot or cold way. 266_AdobeStock_77064938_shopping-egypt-market_17-8-17.jpgPhoto

It is rather proper to make phone calls before the midnight or even one am. The rule indicating ten pm as the ring-off does not act even for children. Nevertheless, it is better not to worry Egyptians in afternoon time. It happens that local citizens like nap very much.

By the way, let us talk about children. The descendants of pharaohs slobber over the view of the babies. Thus, one should not get astonished if your child immediately on meeting is going to be patted on the cheeks, swept up or tasted with something delicious. Ramadan-iftar1.jpgPhoto

The main rule of the street traffic for all the Egyptians is the absence of all the rules. The drivers sound their horn at any time, when they want to turn, simply greet someone, call the passengers or easily honk their horn to the car going straight ahead.

Perhaps, paying the tribute to the ancient Egyptian goddess Bastet, the local citizens are keen on cats with a certain degree of fanaticism. One could easily find whiskered and striped pussies that are proudly walking at each meter of the space. пирамиды-и-фараоны.jpgPhoto

Refusing from something Egyptians every time put their hand onto heart. In such a way they reflect their gratitude to the talker and on such occasion the word ‘no’ will not ruffle his feelings. Egypt-Luxor-woman-shows-me-bread-oven-inside-her-house.jpgPhoto

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