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The winter fairy-tale: which cities are the most beautifully decorated to New Year eve

Author: 05.01.2019 | holiday
Till the beginning of 2019 there is little time that’s why in case one hasn’t decided yet where and how to celebrate the most popular holiday on our planet, Outlook offers the list of the brightest cities for the celebration. There all the wishes and dreams will, definitely, come true!

Perhaps, every person at least once watched the Hollywood movie about New Year or Christmas set off in New York. Looking at the bright shop windows, yellow taxis that slowly carry the citizens choosing gifts, skating rings in Central Park, it is hard to imagine yourself at least for a moment on the streets of Big Apple. As the experienced travelers claim, everything we watch in the cinema is not simply beautiful picture and contrivance of the playwrights. New Year is really amazing in New Year evening. The holiday is centered in Manhattan and legendary Times Square where, as it appears, all the metropolis comes so as to drink a couple of glasses of champagne openair and look at the salute that reflect in the dozens of skyscrapers. The atmosphere is created by the hundreds of Santas, New Year tree in Rockefeller center decorated with thirty thousand fires and street shows. For those who do not love the huge crowds, wonderful locations for the celebration will embrace everybody in Central Parks, holiday cruisers in Goodzone with the fantastic views on this city that is having a lot of fun. Despite the fact that December in New York is quite cold, the local citizens and tourists together create such an unbelievable atmosphere that is going to arouse absolutely everybody.

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For those people who want to replace winter with the summer in New Year evening, we also do have the wonderful variant of celebration. However, one needs to get to another corner of the Earth and visit Bangkok! Verily in December-January there is beautiful and comfortable weather when the moisture and sultry weather shrink back before the pleasant warmth. The amazing Thai street food, a sea of exotic fruits, crazy fireworks, parties on the beaches and low prices are those factors that attract people from all over the world to celebrate the holiday here.

Regardless of having their own New Year, Thais are absolutely tolerant towards the tradition to celebrate at night of the 1-st of January. That’s why on the streets of Bangkok there is a friendly atmosphere while Bangkok with garlands, aromas of frankincense, snow from the fly flaps, bright palms and illuminations look a bit surrealistic that’s why one has nothing to do with snow, and coldness. Such a city is gaily decorated but not like we get accustomed to, with the deers and sledges cannot be forgotten. The streets of central Bangkok generally look like the perfect location for the festival all the year round, however, by New Year the local citizens make their places especially beautifully and decorated to please the guests from the West.

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Nevertheless, we will not forget about the old woman-Europe with its specially moving attitude because it is not simply holiday-party of city festival, this is the possibility to relax from the vanity and appreciate the home comfort. Almost all the European capitals possess the special charm at the end of December, however, there are most decorated where one would like to go. Danish capital Copenhagen is going to prepare to Christmas and New Year at the verily beginning of November when the first facades of the houses are decorated with garlands while in the bars the specially dark and sweet beer is offered. Next, day after day, the city transforms into the perfect location for shooting of the fairytales, as there are as much fire on the streets that in the evening everything is visible like in the sunlight. Absolutely beautiful place of Copenhagen is City Hall Square where the main tree of the country is ‘lit’ personally by the mayor of the capital. What is interesting, according to the ancient tradition, this tree is given to the Danes by their neighbors-Norwegians. Walking along the festive Copenhagen, whether one likes it or not, he recalls Hans Christian Andersen and other Scandinavian fairytales. It is the pleasure not only for eyes but for other organs, as everywhere it smells with almond, cinnamon, and pastries. The streets and squares give pleasant emotions with the fairs and tents where the traditional glögg is offered.

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In Eastern Europe brightness and beauty is the responsibility of Prague, the wonderful city that resembles fantasy-picture in any seasons. Before New Year Black and gothic Czech capital with yellow windows is one of the most popular winter destination because here we are waiting for the wonderful weather, tasty cuisine, and pleasant prices. What more could one ask for? Charles Bridge, Staroměstské square, streets of the Old city ensphere citizens and guests with the comfort and kindness. The angels who are tooting on the trumpet, street musicians and theater cast, designers, and decorators create amazing mood that is stimulated by the excellent beer that is good with hot dishes after a good walk in the frosty weather, but not only in the summer.


Finally, the most equable variant concerning the temperature is the eternally beautifully Rome that does not transform New Year in the beach party but breaks the stereotypes about the compulsory presence of snow, deers, and Santa. In the meantime, Italians who decorate their capital with the special feelings, have their own Santa Claus, red-cheeked Babbo Natale who is calling for fun in an active manner. New Year Rome with its orange trees, decorated with garlands and fires, certainly, breaks all the patterns. It seems it is still winter but more Mediterranean. The weather is comfortable for the walks, Italian banquets are noisy and continual, and the architecture is genius, lit with illuminations and salutes. So, you know where all the roads lead to!

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