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Besides Grand Bazaar and Mosques: Museum Face of Istanbul

Автор: 17.01.2022 | Turkey
A museum tour on a trip is most often associated with groups of people, dull exhibits, and a feeling of missing out on significant “outdoor” landmarks. Sure, that is not true, especially when you are in such a unique city in every aspect as Istanbul, where museums strike with their concepts just as well.

But we need to specify right away that an entrance for two into a particular museum will require giving away more than lunch at a fine street café. Such pricing policy is probably justified because all the attractions are in a perfect state, are constantly maintained and repaired. And the city itself earns pretty well on these expenditures of the travelers. To save, you need to buy a Museum Pass Istanbul – a special subscription ticket divided into several categories depending on the price and the number of the objects with entrances included. By purchasing it, you acquire yet another terrific opportunity to spend time and discover a different face of Istanbul – the one with museums. And our selection is about it.

The Museum of Innocence

A must-visit object for the admirers of the artwork of a famous Turkish writer and the Nobel Prize winner Orhan Pamuk. By the way, he is also the founder of the place. The landmark owes its name and contents to the most popular namesake novel of the author - The Museum of Innocence. It is safe to say that the exhibition is a full plunge into the novel, for it includes personal belongings, clothes, and household items of the main characters, Kemal and Füsun. The sight of the museum is no accident either – a beautiful 19th-century villa in the very heart of the aristocratic neighborhood Beyoğlu, where the majority of the novel’s events take place, accommodates the museum. It is essential to visit the spot not only for the admirers of the book but also for the people interested in the way of life of Istanbulian intellectuals in the period between the 1970s and 2000s. Every detail and texture was gathered with extreme meticulousness; even such “trifles” as hairpins, post stamps, newspapers, and pencils got their share of attention. Pamuk picked many objects on flea markets in person. The Museum of Innocence is about the book and the entire generation of Istanbul dwellers of the 20th century at the same time. The entrance fee for an adult is 65 Liras (about 5 Dollars).Museum-of-Innocence.jpgPhoto

Basilica Cistern

An impressive architectural creation currently operates as a museum. It strikes not only with the atmosphere but also with the historical background. In Byzantine times, this construction was used as a strategic water reserve of utmost importance for the event of a siege or an epidemic. Freshwater came in from Belgrade Forrest 20 km away to be kept carefully under the supervision of a permanent guard. According to scientific calculations, in its Golden Years (before the fall of Constantinople), the Basilica accommodated over 80,000 m³ of water. The majority of internal columns, marble, and tiles had been brought from ancient temples - that is why the interior impresses the tourists and cinematographers so much. Numerous famous movies from Bondiana to screen versions of Dan Brown’s works were filmed there. Obviously, enormous amounts of water aren’t kept there nowadays. However, the waterfall that used to bring the water in still operates and rustles cozily in the half-light. One can also see fish in the water. The admission fee is 30 Liras (2-3 Dollars). And it is not hard to find the Cistern – the beauty is located not far from Sultanhamet Square.1428039f466c0a547fc5f160d736d685-basilica-cistern.jpgPhoto

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Museum of Modern Art

From great antiquity to cutting-edge modernity – this means heading to The Istanbul Museum of Modern Art. This art cluster was opened pretty recently, in 2004. A two-story building with huge acreage and breathtaking overview of the Bosphorus found its place in a former Karaköy dock storage nearby the Tophane tram stop. Open every day but Monday, the Modern Art Museum delights its visitors with relevant artworks of world-famous as well as little-known artists. Non-viral creations of the latter often go way outside the box and earn the amazement of art critics. Various biennales and cultural events of the European scale are frequently held there (let us not forget that Istanbul is technically the largest European city). Young people particularly like the sight – a cinema demonstrating author’s movies operates there along with modern libraries and summer cafés on terraces. The museum is a must-visit spot for everyone interested in contemporary art and willing to broaden their horizons. The ticket costs 72 Liras, with a student’s or a pensioner’s ID card – 54 Liras.47070.jpgPhoto

The Istanbul Postal Museum

Located by the Egyptian market, free admission PTT Museum Istanbul surprisingly turns out all but better and more interesting than many other museums of the city because concentrating on a single phenomenon – communications – it allows its visitors to follow the development of a particular technology to its utmost. Bags and uniforms of the employees from different eras, postal stamps, envelopes, and even firearms samples carried by every Turkish postman till the late 19th century are among the exhibits. Besides the postal service itself, telegraph and telephone got their share of attention. Special machines used by the army and special services look particularly captivating. In addition, it is curious to walk around the building housing the museum and outside it because it is the magnificent Main Post Office. The entireprocess of its erection is captured on the photos also exhibited for the visitors.5DM03827_Istanbul2016.jpgPhoto

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