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10 Facts About New Zealand

Автор: 02.12.2019 | New Zealand, 10 facts
In best-case scenario an average person knows that New Zealand is situated “not far from” Australia and that Peter Jackson filmed his screen adaptations of Tolkien’s works. Outlook fills in both geographical and cultural gaps and shares unusual facts about this amazing state. Notwithstanding industrial development and all in all technology-intensive life, about 25% of the state’s territory is covered in forests.

In fact New Zealand is separated from Australia by about 2 thousand kilometers thus countries are ‘neighbors’ just on maps and globes. Residents of states very much object to being mixed because Ozzie and Kiwi distinct each other clearly on national level. The difference is like between Americans and Canadians.

Despite the fact that first European set his foot there in 1642 when the land was discovered by a Dutchman Abel Tasman, intelligence and democracy on the islands are second to none on the whole planet. Just think of it, it was in New Zealand where women obtained equal rights with sterner sex and freedom of voting as far back as in 1893.

In order not to prejudice anyone, status of two official state languages is stipulated by law – English and Maori (ancient dialect of local aboriginal inhabitants). Also, sign language is actively used in social institutions and on TV, over 250 thousand people communicate in it. Traditional-Maori.jpgPhoto

Notwithstanding industrial development and all in all technology-intensive life (there are about as many cars and yachts as people), about 25% of the state’s territory is covered in forests. As a matter of fact, to say that New Zealand’s flora and fauna are rich is to say nothing. Due to geographical isolation, species of animals and plants are preserved on the islands and nowhere else in the world. Among main distinctives there is weta, a heavy insect, and takahē bird. It seems like they are outside our civilization altogether.

According to official data, over 90% of the state’s population is literate and more than a half are postgraduates. Although education requires payment, its cost is significantly lower than in Australian and the USA. This attracts foreign students.

Sometimes New Zealanders are called ‘farmers’. It happened to be so because sheep breeding is very much developed there. Calculations say that there are 10 sheep per capita, in a state with 4 millions of population. Stone Jug Farm 01 web.jpgPhoto

It is customary to take care of health and go in for sports on the islands – it is some sort of national hobby. And it pays off, by the way. It was recently estimated that New Zealand is in the lead in terms of per capita rate of Olympic medals. And rugby is akin to religion. In this kind of sports Kiwi have no peer.

If you ask a local citizen to “send you an sms”, he’s unlikely to understand you. The thing is, it is customary to call messages TXT (text) there of all other ways.

New Zealanders are low-maintenance when it comes to food – this is probably why their capital, Wellington, that is a fraction of New York in size, outdoes the Big Apple in number of fast-foods per square meter. Most popular delight is fish&chips. new-zealand-wellington-cable-car-254848012-Hero.jpgPhoto

The word is that Zelanian women aren’t too attractive. Tastes differ, but there is this thing: official statistics states that the country is the world’s only one where representatives of fair sex have more sex partners over life than sterner sex representatives: 20.3 vs 16.8. At that, “global” woman only has 7.3 so it is an open question as to who and where is unpretty.

There is a very high percentage of skin cancer prevalence therefore in parks, trade centers and other public places sun-protection creams are distributed for free.

Major “Natural Mecca” for all tourists is Lake Taupo formed in consequences of volcano eruption.

Amazingly, but in this country, green and heavily populated with living creatures, there are no snakes at all. nz-budget-auckland.jpgPhoto

New Zealanders are very unhurried. If a vacancy opens with “urgent” tag, it means that an employee will be found within six months. Nobody and nowhere is in a hurry – neither in life, nor at workplace. Therefore a thirty-year-old father of a family, while having rest at the beach, when asked what he does, can answer “nothing yet”. High living standards allows lack of rush.

Tourists oftentimes get lost without seeing street names on buildings. The thing is that in New Zealand it is customary to indicate the names only at junctions. So, in order to find out own whereabouts one has to tramp to the nearest junction.

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