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10 fascinating facts about Bahrain: Exotic Arab world

Автор: 11.07.2020 | 10 facts, Bahrain
Bahrain is the smallest Arab country. It is rather strange that it does not have a worldwide magnificent glory, because it is a real pearl of the East in a literal and figurative sense. Moreover, it cannot be listed in brilliant assemblage of countries typical for the Arabian expanses: even against their background, this state is considered to be exotic. What we know about Bahrain - 10 interesting facts.

Bahrain is a monarchy. The king whose power is only partially limited by the Constitution, heads the country. In the Kingdom there is not a single political party - they are prohibited by law.

Oil is the backbone of the economy of Bahrain. It is revered here and supports welfare, however the country is actively developing an alternative system of energy production.

Bahrain is the only island state in the region. Its territory is the archipelago of islands in the Persian Gulf - only 33 islands, some of which have been built artificially.Manama-Skyline-Shutterstock.jpgPhoto

Bahrain is linked to the Arabian Peninsula by the longest bridge (25 km) in the best royal traditions. It is named King Fahd Causeway in honour of the King of Saudi Arabia. The sheikhs from Saudi Arabia most often cross the bridge to visit Bahrain for the best parties in the eastern region. Yes, here are the best parties in the region.

"Pictures" of Bahrain can impress anyone. It offers everything for a discerning tourist: ultramodern skyscrapers, ancient buildings, pubs, luxurious SPAs, a great variety of shopping, and, of course, perfect beaches.

Bahrain can be called a truly royal state in every sense of the word. This is also manifested by the infrastructure for tourists. Here you will truly understand what the prefix "luxury" means - they will welcome you benevolently, nobly and beautifully. Here it is cheaper than in the United Arab Emirates. For example, hotels of similar level in these countries vary in price in favour of Bahrain. Their level is really high!

One of the best hotels in the country is RITZ (of course, five-starred): from its window you can watch a flock of flamingos who live freely in the hotel's own garden; dine in its restaurant having food from the Michelin chef, and relax on the hotel's own beach, looking like a paradise spot from Bounty commercial.Balance-in-Bahrain-feature.jpgPhoto

The Tree of Life (local name is Shajarat-al-Hayat) is Bahrain's most famous landmark. It lonely grows in the middle of a completely scorched desert without a hint of vegetation. It is growing as if standing on a pedestal - a proud sandy height of 10 meters (by the way, it is the highest point of Bahrain). The key thing about it is that the tree has been green, according to scientists, for 400 years, although there is not the slightest source of water around.

Throughout the world, it is believed that this is the Tree of Life from the Garden of Eden. According to biblical traditions, this area was once the Gardens of Eden, from which the first sinners were expelled. This incredible in size and viability acacia is a vestige of the lost paradise. At the same time, the Bedouins have their own version of the origin and life of this tree. They believe that a desert god Enka feeds it.Bahrain-skyline.jpgPhoto

The history of Bahrain began about 5 thousand years ago. Therefore, these places will please visitors not only by their cutting-edge civilization, but also by the most ancient historical sights. Once this territory was inhabited by the Sumerians and the country bares traces of their civilization.

For example, the ruins of the fortress of Qal’at al-Bahrain. It is known for sure that its foundation has been standing here for 4 thousand years. Impressive is not only its age, but also architecture. The fort was repeatedly conquered and it was rebuilt by every new master - the Persians, the Greeks, the Portuguese. The Qal’at al-Bahrain is the crown of eastern eclecticism.

In the historical plan, the National Museum of Bahrain in Manama is worthy of attention. It also strikes with majesty and wealth. It features a historical collection with rare archaeological artefacts from ancient times, and an extensive collection of works by contemporary artists, and much more. The main pride of the museum is the old merchant ships and the goods they brought from all over the world. In general, this exposition creates the impression of a turbulent oriental bazaar, which only carries you many centuries back.Bahrain.jpgPhoto

In Bahrain, there is the largest of all the oldest cemeteries in the world. Near the village of A'ali gigantic necropolis was carefully preserved - today there are about 85 thousand graves. You understand that a walk in such a cemetery is like an excursion to a magnificent historical museum. Local rulers spend fortunes on the beautiful decoration of life, and on the same gorgeous decoration of death. During the time of Bahrain's existence, its ruling elite changed many times. Every new generation, every new great dynasty takes care of the ancestors and their heritage. Here it is the eastern respect of the elders in the material embodiment.

Bahrain is a real pearl of the whole world. At the beginning of the last century, the world discovered that the seas of Bahrain store the purest pearls. Yes, the best pearls on Earth are born in this area. It became a well-know fact a little more than 100 years ago, thanks to the brilliant designer Jacques Cartier, the founder of the French fashion house of the same name. He sent his son to the east to search for precious stones, and when he showed him the pearls of Bahrain - Cartier could no longer use other stones for the design of his ornaments. Among the European elite, Bahrain is known as the Country of Perfect Pearls for many, many years.

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