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Diplomats joined the charity golf tournament

Author: 24.05.2019 | diplomacy, ambassador
The international Golf Tournament "Diplomatic Golf for Good by Volvo" was held on May 18, 2019, on the territory of Kiev Golf Club "GolfStream".

The organizational partner of the event was the Directorate-General for Rendering Services to Diplomatic Missions. All-Ukrainian Golf Federation supported the tournament.

The main purpose of the event was to strengthen and popularize the positive image of Ukraine in the world, the development of children's golf and the creation of a platform for informal communication between representatives of different countries, promotion of friendship and sports partnership among the peoples of the world.

"Diplomatic Golf for Good" is not only a competition for a victory and for the best result. It is a holiday that extends beyond the golf course and brings together different cultures, promotes the dialogue of like-minded people and the joint spending of free time for adults and children.

Pavlo Krivonos, Director General of the GDIP, noted that the General Directorate supports cultural, sporting, investment and tourism initiatives, since the main task is to popularize Ukraine, attract attention to the locations that cause the desire of foreign diplomats to return to Ukraine as a friend, not just an ambassador.


A game at 18 holes for 80 participants, including children flights, favorable weather and landscapes of incredible beauty were waiting for guests. After the game, the exhibition of paintings of Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Georgia to Ukraine Gela Dumbadze was presented, and a concert with the participation of professional artists and creative teams were held. The presentation of world cuisines, a master class for golf- beginners, as well as a test drive of new cars added dynamics to the event.

Representatives of the foreign and Ukrainian diplomatic corps, representatives of the authorities and business elites, cultural figures, athletes and the families of participants took part in this sports and cultural event. Among the invited guests there were also the winners of professional golf competitions.

The Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Swiss Confederation to Ukraine, Guillaume Schoeverer, thanked for the organization and constant support of the GDIP of the diplomatic community in Kyiv. "This is a completely wonderful location which provides an opportunity to have a great time for all diplomats with Ukrainian counterparts. I am visiting this club for the first time, but I am very impressed. In my opinion, this is one of the best places to golf in Europe. I am not surprised because I have been in Ukraine for quite some time and had the opportunity to see a lot of amazing places. You are truly a European country, and I will be glad if we can jointly make Ukraine even more famous in the world.

Golf is a difficult sport that requires physical preparation. Playing focused for four hours without losing concentration takes a long time to train. However, this is also art of rest, it's like a process of meditation, so for me personally it’s a certain active yoga. I still do not play well enough, but in golf, as in life, you get new goals and objectives and constantly improve your skills.


Both in Ukraine and at home I spend a lot of time for sports when I have the opportunity. Skiing of course, downhill skiing in Bookovel, the Carpathian region is a good location as well; cross-country skiing here in Kyiv is amazing. Of course jogging is a great opportunity, you have amazing fitness clubs. Besides football, volleyball it is also possible to do a kayaking on the Dnipro," shared Mr. Schoeverer.

Kiev Golf Club "GolfStream" is the largest playground in Ukraine, a scenic eco-range, a multifunctional sports center and an ideal venue for any event. As the center of green tourism entered the TOP-10 objects of the recreation and entertainment industry, announced by investment companies of the European Community in 2007. The author concept of the golf project "GolfStream" was developed by Peter Chamberlain whose track record is widely known in the golf world and has been awarded with numerous awards.

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