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On the catwalk: Argentina

Every people has its folklore heroes that both children and adults want to look like. In Argentina legendary gaucho are considered ones and their outfits nowadays are believed to be traditional costumes of the country.

Some Argentine culture experts are quite skeptical about their fellow countrymen having an authentic outfit alleging that where would those come from if they are a country of Italians, Spaniards, Ukrainians and Jews who came there looking for better life – so one should look for national outfits of those peoples! There is probably a grain of truth in it but it isn’t that univocal because not only offspring of migrants dress up on holidays. Also, people covered in poncho with sombrero on their heads sure aren’t mimicking Europeans because this is how gaucho used to dress.

Mar del Plata - Argentine Muse

The word has numerous translations but most common is “shepherd” but such a proud name wasn’t applied to every countrymen but only to those soldierly and fair farmers who protected not just their rights but also independence of their motherland with weapons in their arms. History of Argentina knows numerous examples of courageous deeds of these people therefore on December, 6 they even celebrate Gaucho Day. On this day as nearly as entire nation goes up their garrets and attics to wipe dust off clothes that lie there and show themselves on central squares of their cities wearing them.

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Wardrobe of an “Argentine cowboy” was changing over time but some of its elements remained intact for centuries. White shirt, long pants folded inside black boots with spurs, bolero jacket, belt (faja) and a hat fixed to the chin with a special ribbon (barbacho) – when dressed like that you become a folklore character in a blink of an eye. And for the sake of sheer authenticity nice silk kerchief (рañuelo) should be tied on your neck in a republic knot. In such an outfit one can both herd animals and fight for one’s country. In case of rain gaucho wore an overcoat (pala) and belted bright chiripá made of woolen fabric over their pants to affix a dagger to it. As undergarment calzoncillos – linen underpants – were used.

Woman who is a man

Wives of shepherds – paisana as they are commonly referred to – matched their husbands in terms of clothing and dressed both stylishly and practically: long double-layered skirt (palleta), white blouse, jacket, hat, black patent-leather boots and all kinds of amulets on their hands. Remarkably, should a representative of the gentle sex have needed to ride a horse, she could take on all of her husband’s clothes and also put a rifle on her back. Pure feminism, to a tee…Photо rо

While following life in Argentina one can spot that up to 1940s-1950s gaucho outfits were worn in villages around the whole country and citizens often looked same way. However now even in remotest nooks far away from civilization one can hardly meet a person fully dressed like that although certain elements of shepherd’s costume are popular till now. And fashion, as common knowledge is, goes around in circles therefore no one says goodbye to outfits of grandmas and grandpas: alongside its use on folk festivals – and there are a lot of those in South America – gaucho's gear inspires current Argentine and global fashion industry and finds new lease of life.


Leather, chamois, loose hair, string bracelets, bright shirts, leather boots – all of these stuff has been willingly adopted first by hippies, now by hipsters. Therefore those Argentines who believe that their people has never had a national costume are wrong after all for not only it existed but to various extents feels itself perfectly well in 21st century.

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The Column Hall of the Kyiv City State Administration on June 11 welcomed guests of the Embassy of the Argentine Republic to Ukraine on the occasion of a national day. The Ambassadors Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, representatives of the government and its agencies, partners of the embassy, the business community and the media lined up to congratulate the head of a foreign diplomatic institution and express their greetingss to friendly Argentina.
The Embassy of the Argentine Republic celebrates the ninth anniversary of Malbec World Day
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"200 years ago the word "freedom" originated in the hearts of Argentines. First it was pronounced in a whisper, and then it turned into a loud voice"- Argentine Ambassador Alberto Jose Alonso
In honor of the 200th anniversary of the Independence of Argentina, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Alberto Jose Alonso held a solemn diplomatic reception with the participation of representatives of the diplomatic offices of Ukraine, Deputy Foreign Minister, representatives of state bodies, and the community.
The representatives of the Embassy of Argentina to Ukraine visited the opening of tango performance in Kyiv dancing studio
The representatives of the Embassy of Argentina to Ukraine supported the initiative of Ukrainians in the popularization of Argentinean culture in Ukraine. The dancing school Frizzante has taken up the course on tango, the main heritage of Latin American country. The dancing evening was accompanied by the tasting of Argentinean wine Malbec and Torrontes. The respectable guests of the celebration became the secretary of Embassy, Martin Castro as well as the employers of culture department. Apart from the performances of the professionals who demonstrated the virtuous body flexibility, everybody who wanted was able to get deeper into the fundamentals of vigorous dance. The owner of school Larisa Osipenko greeted the guests. She remarked that it was a great honor for her to meet the representatives of sunny state at her event and rejoice Ukrainians with Argentinean parties.
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In Kyiv under support of Embassy of Argentina it was a concert ‘Stars of world tango’
On the 27-th of March in Kyiv national academic theatre of operetta there was a concert ‘Stars of world tango’ with the participation of the celebrities acting in a style of Argentinean tango Neri Piliu, Shanini Kiniones, Solange Acosta, and Max Van De Voorde that were accompanied by ‘Tango Spleen Orquestra’ (Italy).
The Ambassador of Argentina attended the concert ‘El Gran Astor’ of Ukrainian teams ‘Kwarud’ and ‘Con Amore’
The Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Argentinean Republic to Ukraine Alberto Hose Alonso along with the spouse and employees of Diplomatic administration visited the concert ‘El Gran Astor’ of young Ukrainian musical bands ‘Kwarud’ and ‘Con Amore’ in Kyiv House of Scientists of National Academy of Science of Ukraine.
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200-th anniversary of Argentina’s Independence. In Kyiv the exhibition of artist Nora Iniesta
In the course of celebration of 200-th anniversary of the Independence of Argentina in Argentinean house in Kyiv the exhibition of the prominent painter Nora Iniesta has been opened. The leading motive of her creativity is love towards her birth place which she tries to express creating the images of her motherland in different genres of the visual art.
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A characteristic feature of the traditional national German costume has always been considered as the combination of its absolute identity and comfort. Perhaps that is why nowadays one can admire the national clothes of this country not only on various holidays somewhere in the village or in history books but also on the streets of big cities.
Embassy of Argentina organized official concert in honor of 200-th anniversary of independence
The embassy of Argentina to Ukraine and personally Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Alberto-José Alonso organized in National Philharmonic of Ukraine an official concert dedicated to 200-th anniversary of the acclamation of Argentina’s independence.
Malbec World Day Is Celebrated at Argentina House
Embassy of Argentina to Ukraine celebrated international wine holiday – Malbec World Day, dedicated to the most popular Argentine wine variety. This year in honor of the Malbec World Day over 70 events all over the world were orchestrated.
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