Birthday of Omar Khayyam
On May 18, 1048 was born Omar Khayyam – a prominent Persian poet, philosopher, mathematician, astrologer and the author of many wise quotations.
18.05.2018 | literature, personalities
Constitution Day in Norway
On May 17 Norway celebrates two hundredth anniversary of independence from Denmark and Constitution Day.
17.05.2018 | holiday, Norway
International Biographer's Day
On May 16, 1763 in one of the bookstores in London, well-known literary critic, author of the landmark Dictionary of the English Language Samuel Johnson and James Boswell met. As a result one the greatest biographies ever written was born, and the world got another holiday - International Biographer's Day.
16.05.2018 | literature
Bulgakov’s Birthday
This year May 15 marks 127 years since birth of the famous writer and mystic Mikhail Bulgakov.
15.05.2018 | literature, writer
USA Independence day
July 4th is considered the birthday of the United States as a free and independent country.
04.07.2016 | holiday, USA
International Friendship Day
On June 9 the International Friendship Day is observed. This is not an official holiday and it was introduced quite recently. However, it has a very noble goal to remind people how much their beloved ones mean for them, and to give a chance to spend an evening with them.
09.06.2016 | holiday, world
World Oceans Day
World Oceans Day has been observed every June 8 since it was first introduced in 1992 by the United Nations General Assembly.
08.06.2016 | nature
June holiday in Ireland
The June Holiday is observed in Ireland on the first Monday of June.
06.06.2016 | holiday, history, Ireland
Australia Foundation Day
On June 2 the largest state of Australia turns into venue for celebration of the national holiday - the Foundation Day.
06.06.2016 | holiday, history, Australia
European Neighbours' Day
On May 30, 2000 in Paris, it was decided to introduce a new holiday – European Neighbours' Day.
27.05.2016 | society
Independence Day in Georgia
Today the main national holiday is celebrated in the country of Georgia – the Day of First Republic.
26.05.2016 | Georgia, holiday, history, politic
World Turtle Day
On May 23 at the initiative of American Tortoise Rescue is celebrated the World Turtle Day dedicated to the animal symbolizing wisdom and longevity.
23.05.2016 | holiday, world, nature, animals
Labour Day in Jamaica
On May 23 Jamaica celebrates Labour Day.
23.05.2016 | world, Jamaica, holyday
Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day in Turkey
On May 19 Turkey celebrates Youth and Sports Day, dedicated to the first president of the Republic Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.
19.05.2016 | holiday, Turkey
Independence day of the Republic of Belarus
Today on July 3, Belarusians celebrate Independence Day.
03.07.2015 | holiday, Belarus
World UFO day
On July 2nd the World UFO Day is celebrated.
02.07.2015 | holiday, world
Lover’s Day in Azerbaijan
On June 30 Azerbaijan celebrates the Lover’s Day. This holiday is very young and was legalized only 10 years ago at the request of local residents.
30.06.2015 | holiday, Azerbaijan
Independence Day in Madagascar
On June 26 one of the most beautiful states of our planet – Madagascar – celebrates its Independence Day.
26.06.2015 | holiday, history, Madagascar
Independence Day in Scotland
Exactly 700 years ago, the army of the Scottish king Robert the Bruce at the Battle of Bannockburn defeated the English army of King Edward II, thereby gaining the freedom of their country. Since then Independence Day in Scotland is celebrated on June 24.
24.06.2015 | holiday, history, Scotland
Iceland celebrates Republic Day
Today on June 17 Icelanders celebrate the national holiday which commemorates the foundation of The Republic of Iceland.
17.06.2015 | holiday, history, Iceland
World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought
On June 17 the World Day to Combat Desertification proclaimed by the UN General Assembly is observed.
17.06.2015 | nature
World Day of motorcyclists
Today, all bikers of the planet celebrate their professional holiday.
16.06.2015 | holiday, world
Global Wind Day
Today on June 15 the Global Wind Day is observed.
15.06.2015 | holiday, nature
National Flag Day in Armenia
June 15 is the day of the Armenian national flag.
15.06.2015 | holiday, Armenia
American Flag Day
On June 14, the Americans celebrate National Flag Day.
14.06.2015 | holiday, USA, history
Christopher Columbus discovered the Treasure Island (Juventud)
On June 13, 1494 Christopher Columbus discovered the Isla de la Juventud, better known as Treasure Island described in the novel by Robert Louis Stevenson.
13.06.2015 | history
Day of the Enamoured in Brazil
In Brazil, Day of the Enamoured (Dia dos Namorados) is celebrated not in winter, but today on June 12.
12.06.2015 | holiday, Brazil
Independence Day in the Philippines
On June 12 the Philippines celebrate Independence Day.
12.06.2015 | holiday, history, Philippines
Festival of Light in Jerusalem
On June 11 in Jerusalem starts annual Festival of Light.
11.06.2015 | festival, Israel
Japan’s Memorial Day of Time
On June 10 the Japanese observe the Memorial Day of Time. According to legend it was on this day in 671, when the first clock appeared in palace of the Japanese Emperor.
10.06.2015 | holiday, Japan, traditions
Queen's Birthday in Australia
On June 9 Australia celebrates the birthday of British Queen Elizabeth II.
09.06.2015 | holiday, Australia
Ancient Roman Vestal Festivals in Italy
On June 9 Italy marks the day of reverence to Vesta, an ancient Roman goddess of hearth, home and family.
09.06.2015 | holiday, Italy, history
The Vogalonga Regatta in Venice
On June 8 Venice will host the Vogalonga Regatt, which according to its organizers is an act of expressing their love for the city, its canals and lagoons.
08.06.2015 | Italy
Donald Duck was adopted in the U.S. Screen Actors Guild
On June 8, 1984 cartoon duckling Donald Duck joined the ranks of the U.S. Screen Actors Guild.
08.06.2015 | movie, art, history
Angelina Jolie Birthday
On June 4 actress Angelina Jolie celebrates her birthday.
04.06.2015 | movie, personality
International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression
The United Nations' International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression is observed on June 4 each year.
04.06.2015 | society
Tonga Emancipation Day
On June 4 Pacific kingdom of Tonga celebrates its Emancipation Day dedicated to the proclamation of the country independence.
04.06.2015 | holiday
The First Artificial Gene was Synthesized
On June 3, 1970 the American biologist Har Gobind Khorana announced the total synthesis of the first fully artificial gene in a living cell.
03.06.2015 | science, history
Mabo Day in Australia
On June 3 Australian Aborigines honour memory of fighter for their rights, national hero Eddie Mabo who won recognition from the country authorities that indigenous people have rights to land on the continent.
03.06.2015 | holiday, history, Australia
Day of Revival, Unity and Poetry of Makhtumkuli in Turkmenistan
On May 18 Turkmenistan marks the national holiday – the Day of Revival, Unity and Poetry of Makhtumkuli Fraghi.
World Remembrance Day of AIDS Victims
World Remembrance Day of AIDS Victims is marked annually on every third Sunday of May.
18.05.2015 | society
The Hangout Music Festival in the US
On May 16 in the US state of Alabama starts the world's largest music event The Hangout Music Festival.
16.05.2015 | festival, music, USA
La Festa dei Ceri in Italy
The city of Gubbio hosts an annual feast La Festa dei Ceri dedicated to the city’s patron Saint Ubaldo.
15.05.2015 | Italy, festival, tradition, world
Ukrainian Artist Elaborated The Concept of A Growing City of Future
Ukrainian artist and architect Stepan Ryabchenko elaborated a concept of a modern growing city. OUTLOOK got lucky to talk to the author – we share his revolutionary ideas with you.
Canada day
On July 1 Canada celebrates its main national holiday – Canada Day.
01.07.2014 | holiday, Canada
International Body Art Festival Opens in Austria
About ten thousand people gather annually in Austria to mark one of the brightest events in Europe - International Body Art Festival.
29.06.2014 | festival, Austria
Vyshyvanka Parade in Japan
Today on June 28 Tokyo holds a Parade devoted to Vyshyvanka (the Ukrainian traditional clothing with ethnic embroidery), as the Embassy of Japan in Ukraine informs.
28.06.2014 | Japan, Ukraine, embassy
Wimbledon Tennis Tournament Opens
Today on June 23 in the London suburbs Wimbledon Tennis Tournament opens, that is the most prestigious Grand Slam competition.
Flag Day Observed in Argentina
Today the Argentines celebrate the Day of the National Flag.
Flower Festival Opens in Cinzano
In the Italian city Cinzano nearby Lazio the annual festival of flower carpets opens.
19.06.2014 | Italy, festival, flowers
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